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1st National Children’s Book Award
Recognized as one of the Best Reads of 2008-2009

Tagu-taguan sa aming bakuran,
Ano’ng nariyan sa damuhan?

Young bug lovers will find learning numbers irresistible fun with Jomike Tejido’s book TAGU-TAGUAN: A Counting Book in Filipino, (Tahanan Books for Young Readers).

Tagu-Taguan’s charming Filipino verses make counting from 10 to 1 and back again a delightful discovery game for the very young. The book opens with TEN grasshoppers hiding among the leaves till the countdown tapers down to ONE solitary cricket’s lullaby. Tejido’s visual bugfest leaps out from page after page in a parade showcasing spiders, bees, worms, and caterpillars, to name a few. Children will enjoy scouring each spread for creepy crawlies and winged creatures half-hidden in the foliage. The book seamlessly combines math and Filipino language skills perfect for bilingual children ages 1 and up. You will also find an English translation in the back of the book. All in all, the picture book serves as an enticing invitation for youngsters to spy on the strange and wonderful creatures that reside in their own backyard.


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