A Child's Treasury of Philippine Christmas Stories
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A Child's Treasury of Philippine Christmas Stories

Written by: Lin A. Flores and Annette Flores Garcia
Illustrated by: Albert Gamos 

Christmas in the Philippines is like a tall glass of halo-halo, with Filipino sweetened beans, pinipig, sabá, Chinese gulaman, Spanish leche flan, and American ice cream—it’s colorful to look at and delicious, too!

Mother-and-daughter authors Lin Acacio-Flores and Annette Flores Garcia’s collection of original Yuletide stories, set in different parts of the Philippines, celebrate well-loved Filipino customs and time-honored traditions. Illustrated with zest and warmth by Albert Gamos, these tales of love, friendship, sharing, and forgiveness are sure to delight young readers for Christmas and throughout the year.

“These tales of love, friendship, sharing and forgiveness are ideal for young readers during Christmas and throughout the year.”—The Philippine Daily Inquirer

“A fitting gift to inaanaks, ninongs, ninangs, Pinoys or foreigners, A Child’s Treasury of Philippine Christmas Stories is as refreshingly sweet and colorful as a tall glass of halo-halo…” —The Manila Times

Trim size: 6 x 8.75 inches
No. of pages: 78 pp plus cover
Year Published: 1995 
ISBN: 971-630-034-4

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