Ay Naku!

July 30, 2012 by

Tahanan wins 2012 National Children’s Book Award for Ay Naku!

Congratulations Reni Roxas and Sergio Bumatay, III!

“A dear book that should be on the shelf of every emerging reader…a wonderful book for teaching Filipino words in a fresh, creative way.”—Smart Parenting Magazine

The thing that strikes you when you pick up this book is the sparseness of the text and the movement in the illustrations, and you know that it was planned that way. This is a book that pulls it off.

Ay naku. Botbot is a walking disaster, and the single verbs and adjectives that accompany him only accentuate that. He wears his clothes inside out, falls down the stairs, bumps into objects, breaks the fishbowl. He hides under the sofa while his family cleans up after him. Ay naku. Lucky for Botbot, there’s a tolerance we reserve for our bunsos, our youngests, and we always love them anyway.—Ma. Elena P. Locsin, writer, educator, and one of the judges for the  NCBA 2012


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